Air over hydraulic suspension

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This suspension system combines traditional hydraulic lowering and raising capabilities, and also the latest in coil-over shock technology. With the HydroShox Suspension System, lift racecars to a safe operating height quickly, or lower the suspension to achieve a desired stance.

Mechanics and pit crews can use this compact hydraulic HydroShox Suspension System for highly precise adjustments to your suspension and overall drivability.

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air over hydraulic suspension

Clear All.See all 22 photos. Hidden between a house and a cornfield sits Jimmy Bullard's shop, in rural Walkertown, North Carolina. He started building race cars then moved to building frame-dragging trucks and high-performance muscle cars.

His quality of builds and horsepower increased, and air ride suspension wasn't cutting it. He struggled to find race-quality suspension that would lay frame. The Hydroshox system accomplishes a simple goal: raising and lowering the ride height without sacrificing suspension travel or performance. In essence, the system adds or subtracts hydraulic fluid between the shock and upper mount, raising or lowering the overall height. It's like changing the height of your coil springs without jacking up the car.

No matter the vehicle's height, the race shock retains its full suspension travel and settings. The Mittler Bros. All shocks include your choice of spring rates and feature 3 inches of shock travel.

Jimmy's display chassis mounts 4-inch shocks in the front and 5-inch shocks in the back. On this chassis, the total travel is doubled, meaning it can raise 8 inches in the front and 10 inches in the back. It's largely due to the more inward mounting of the shocks. Jimmy took Mittler Brothers the idea due to their unique background. The company has 30 years of experience building hydraulic machining equipment.

Then they began building race shocks under the name, Tanner Racing, 15 years ago. Changing ride height on the fly isn't a new idea—I have RideTech air ride on my car. Air-ride suspension airbags, like Hydroshox, serve the purpose of coilovers replacing the spring and shock in one package.

However, that's where the two systems' similarities end. Air ride adjusts ride height by removing or adding compressed air to the airbags. When you change air pressure in a bag, you also change the stiffness and length of available suspension travel. For instance, if you slam a car by removing all of the air from the system, you'll have zero suspension travel. The properties of air are vastly different from hydraulic fluid.

Air compresses easily and pressure can change based on outside temperature. It's compressing all the way through, so you don't know," said Jimmy. Removing air can also interfere with suspension settings and travel. It's not consistent. The properties of hydraulic fluid allow the Hydroshox system to work consistently—but you probably already guessed that. When you raise a vehicle, solenoids push 1, psi of hydraulic fluid into the shocks.

Since hydraulic fluid doesn't compress, it provides a nearly solid platform for the top of the shock to push against. The shock has its own separate fluid chamber, so it remains unchanged. Inside a Hydroshox there are two separate channels for oil.

First, there's a race shock with coil spring, aka a coilover. Inside is a series of valves, shims, and varying sized passageways for shock oil to travel. The progressive shock responds to the road. For example, if you hammer into a corner quick and hard, the shock will stiffen quickly. But if you're soft and gradual, the oil has time to flow and the shock reacts with a progressive stiffness. The secret sauce is in the hydraulic fluid passageway, which is separate from the shock's oil.

This passageway sits above the shock, but below the top mount.It was also used on Berliet trucks and has more recently been used on Mercedes-Benz cars, where it is known as Active Body Control. Similar systems are also widely used on modern tanks and other large military vehicles. The purpose of this system is to provide a sensitive, dynamic and high-capacity suspension that offers superior ride quality on a variety of surfaces.

A hydropneumatic system combines the advantages of two technological principles :. The suspension system usually features both self-leveling and driver-variable ride heightto provide extra clearance in rough terrain. The principles illustrated by the successful use of hydropneumatic suspension are now used in a broad range of applications, such as aircraft oleo struts and gas filled automobile shock absorbersfirst patented in the U.

This type of suspension for automobiles was inspired by the pneumatic suspension used for aircraft landing gear, which was also partly filled with oil for lubrication and to prevent gas leakage, as patented in by the same company. Hydropneumatic suspension has a number of natural advantages over steel springs, generally recognized in the auto industry.

Suspension and springing technology is not generally well understood by consumers, leading to a public perception that hydropneumatics are merely "good for comfort". They also have advantages related to handling and control efficiency, solving a number of problems inherent in steel springs that suspension designers have previously struggled to eliminate. Although auto manufacturers understood the inherent advantages over steel springs, there were two problems.

First, it was patented by the inventor, and second it had a perceived element of complexity, so automakers like Mercedes-BenzBritish Leyland HydrolasticHydragasand Lincoln sought to create simpler variants using a compressed air suspension. The nitrogen gas air as spring medium is approximately six times more flexible than conventional steel, so self-leveling is incorporated to allow the vehicle to cope with the extraordinary suppleness provided.

Hydropneumatic suspension offers no natural roll stiffness. This system uses a belt or camshaft driven pump from the engine to pressurise a special hydraulic fluidwhich then powers the brakessuspension and power steering. Nitrogen is used as the trapped gas to be compressed, since it is unlikely to cause corrosion. A nitrogen reservoir with variable volume yields a spring with non-linear force-deflection characteristics.

At the heart of the system, acting as pressure sink as well as suspension elements, are the so-called spheres, five or six in all; one per wheel and one main accumulator as well as a dedicated brake accumulator on some models. On later cars fitted with Hydractive or Activa suspension, there may be as many as ten spheres.

Spheres consist of a hollow metal ball, open to the bottom, with a flexible desmopan rubber membrane, fixed at the 'equator' inside, separating top and bottom.

Air Suspension

The top is filled with nitrogen at high pressure, up to 75 barthe bottom connects to the car's hydraulic fluid circuit.Air Suspension systems can offer great benefits for drivers. They can improve ride quality. Air Suspension laity like increased ride height for off road excursions all while keeping the rear level under loaded conditions.

But, as with other hard-working components, Air Suspension shocks and struts will eventually fail succumbing to either damage to or dry rot of the air spring. In addition, the dampener, which is just like any other shock or strut, will lose its ability to control the movement of the suspension due to internal wear and lose fluid inside the dampener. When an Air Suspension system fails, there can be up to four different options to return the vehicle to operating condition.

Some involve repairing the existing Air Suspension system, while others involve replacing the system with springs and passive shocks and struts. All options have their pros and cons. But no matter which option is being considered. As mentioned previously, one option is to repair the system by replacing the damaged air Suspension units with new units.

The benefits of this option are that it restores the vehicles air suspension to its original condition and functionality.

Cost is considered one of the downfalls of replacing the air Suspension units with new parts. It is highly recommended that you replace the compressor and the dryer assembly while doing the job to ensure that the replacement air Suspension unit will last.

Air suspension is a modern way of enhancing the driving experience by way of computerised air vents and compression in the suspension system.

Introduced as an improvement on the traditional steel suspension of luxury cars, air suspension is a feature that allows drivers to adjust the quality of the drive according to the nature of the surface on which they are driving. It relies on air pressure inflating the bellows in the suspension system to ensure that the chassis is sufficiently raised above the axle to mask significant bumps in the road.

Due to the advanced technology involved, air suspension systems are more technical to fix, so it is recommended that a mechanic is consulted if your system is showing signs of failure. One tell-tale sign is that the vehicle appears to lean to one side when you are driving.

Hydraulic Suspension Systems (Pros and Cons)

Shock absorbers and coil springs help absorb and direct road force, maintaining wheel oscillation, jounce and rebound. The air springs are simply tough rubber and plastic bags inflated to a certain pressure and height to mimic the coil springs. Air Suspension Repair As mentioned previously, one option is to repair the system by replacing the damaged air Suspension units with new units.Here at Strutmasters we understand that our customers want to know what is going on with their vehicle and understand what they are buying.

Air Shock or Coil Shock on a Trail Bike? I tested both and I'm surprised!

Unlike other companies, all of our Hydraulic-Suspension kits are built right here in Roxboro, NC, and we can prove it! Hydraulic-Suspension suspension systems are great but when the Hydraulic-Suspension struts fail or the Hydraulic-Suspension air springs go out, it's almost impossible to drive.

Find everything you need for your air suspension repair and maintenance at Strutmasters. Save even more money if you convert to our Hydraulic-Suspension conversion kit for a smooth and soft ride. No more sagging ride, leaking struts or bad compressor problems.

air over hydraulic suspension

Call an Expert To Top. Existing Order Help: Vehicle Model Select Model. Vehicle Year Select Year. Back to. Choose your vehicle model and view all of the great suspension parts we offer. Shop by Make and Model Here at Strutmasters we understand that our customers want to know what is going on with their vehicle and understand what they are buying.Hydraulic Stabilization and Outrigger Systems.

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Hydropneumatic suspension

Power-Packer is a global supplier of hydraulic components for commercial vehiclesincluding work trucks, semi trailers, and cab over engine COE trucks, such as fire and rescue vehicles, yard trucks, delivery trucks and waste trucks. Our customized hydraulic engineering capabilities allow us to offer exactly what you need for your specific trucks and trailers. Work Trucks : Power-Packer hydraulic outrigger systems stabilize work trucks, so they can safely lift their loads.

Our customizable outriggers will fit seamlessly into your equipment. Class 8 Semi Trailers : Air over hydraulic landing gear can quickly level the trailer with the dock for fast, efficient and safe loading and unloading. Cab Over Engine COE Trucks : Our cylinders, pumps and latches create safe lifting and holding power for heavy cabs on waste vehicles, yard trucks, delivery vans, and fire and rescue apparatus.

Power-Packer on-highway products include:. Have a specific on-highway application need? Contact Power-Packer Now.The suspension of the car affects its traction-dynamic characteristics and exchange rate stability. From the characteristics of the suspension depending on the carrying capacity of the car and the comfort of driving.

The most common spring suspension provides good comfort, but low payload, spring suspension — on the contrary. To date, the best way to ensure high levels of comfort and load capacity is to install a pneumatic or hydropneumatic suspension on the car.

air over hydraulic suspension

The difference of the pneumatic suspension is its elastic element — pneumatic cushion. Its feature is the ability to significantly change its stiffness, which can not be achieved by using springs or springs. Automatic change of the ground clearance from the speed of movement provides greater stability of the car by reducing the flow of air passing through the bottom of the body.

air over hydraulic suspension

In general, pneumatic suspensions are installed on some basic models of minibusses, cars of increased comfort or off-road vehicles. The cost of retrofitting will depend on the type of suspension that is installed on the car.

The main malfunctions of air suspension are air leakage through connecting elements, an operation of compressor rings, wear of pneumatic cushions. These problems can easily be diagnosed, as the car will sag either over individual wheels or completely. In some cars, such as, for example, Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne, often comes out of action due to corrosion of the pneumatic fittings.

This occurs most often from the action of salt and other active substances, which are sprinkled by domestic roads in winter. Since repair of the air suspension is not cheap, it is better to constantly monitor its condition and not bring it to a critical one. Hydraulic suspension is more reliable than pneumatic. According to the principle of operation, the suspension is similar to pneumatic. The difference of the suspension is again an elastic element.

Mercedes uses hydraulic cylinders. A special fluid is used in the hydraulic system, untimely replacement of which can lead to insufficient lubrication of the pump and its increased wear, after which it can not create sufficient pressure to lift the car. Also, valve blocks fail, which will cause the car to lower after turning off the engine.

Also, there is an additional third sphere, which is included in the system in a comfortable mode.