Buffalo horn handgun grips

Order by:. Available to:. Eagle stag grips for smith and Wesson k or L frame square butt revolvers. Nice bark with yellowing and red tints. They fit my 65 nicely. You are bidding on one pair of grips and grip screw only.

Please ask any questions you may have and I will respond in a timely manner. Thanks for looking! Posted with. New old stock with package. Grips are perfect condition. Box is ratty. For new model Blackhawks of all calibers and the standard Vaqueros. With screw. These are in excellent condition with no cracks. Great for small hands or when compactness is needed. Nice looking on the old gloss blue guns.

Stag like grips off mag Hawes Western Marshal. Please Email with any questions.

buffalo horn handgun grips

Includes grip screw. I don't know the generation of pistol these came off of. You are biding on a Beautiful set of Stag Grips that came off of a 3rd generation colt single action 45 long colt.

Please look at pictures and make sure that they will fit your gun. Please ask questions if you borderlands 3 send mail to yourself not sure. Will ship to lower 48 state only. Will send feed back when I receive your! The USED grips have visible wear and scratches as shown in the auction photo.

buffalo horn handgun grips

Grips appear to be plastic and include a mounting screw.Horn is not easy to obtain. It also requires a lot of prep work in terms of cutting and sanding to turn it in to usable slabs for stocks. Almost all horn requires having some undesirable interior portions removed, and filled with epoxy which has been colored to match the horn as closely as possible.

There can also be cracks inside. These are usually very small, and are likely the result of banging in to other horns.

As Roy Fishpaw says, "sheep do not grow horns so that they can be turned in to grips". They are used to beat up rivals on the mountain tops. This epoxy is sometimes noticeable on the bottom or side of the stock.

Horn is a beautiful material, and the result is a stock that is usually translucent in appearance with a wonderful smooth feel. Horn grips are very tough and durable, while being unique and beautiful. All of the horn I offer is professionally stabilized. Stabilizing will limit any movement as much as is possible, although no one can guarantee that zero movement might occur. Musk Ox slabs.

Inside on left and outside on the right. Musk Ox horn. This horn polishes very nicely. It still has that great feel like Dall Sheep, but seems less translucent because there is so much texture, or streaks of fibrous content inside. There is a lot of character to all that I have seen. Like sheep horn, there are almost always areas inside that need to be removed and filled with epoxy. If weight is a concern, horn is lighter than ivory. It will cost more than wood, but is a nice choice.

Like Sheep horn, all Musk Ox is sent out for stabilizing. Big Horn Bighorn sheep horn is a fantastic material that often has dark areas or streaks. Unfortunately it is also the hardest and most expensive horn to obtain. In the photo below there is a Bighorn on the left, and a Dall horn on the right.

Both are about 30" around the curl.

buffalo horn handgun grips

As you can see the Bighorn is much thicker and heavier.Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store. Your cart is empty. Sign in. Grips for the Ruger Vaquero and various other Ruger models. Display per page. Sort by.

Grips for Single Action Army

Relevance Name Price: ascending Price: descending. Bull's head grip for Ruger. Shown as Ivory Streaked. RUG Plain Grip.

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Plain grip for Ruger. RUG Steer Head. Steer head grip for Ruger. Fancy Checkered grip for Ruger. Shown as White with Black.

Horse head motif for Ruger. Buffalo head grip for Ruger. Plain grips for Ruger with Hole placement marked. Shown as Ivory Antique with cracks. RUG Checkered Grips. Checkered Ruger grips. Shown as Ivory Antique. Indian head grip for Ruger. Four Aces grip for Ruger Ace of Hearts on top.

Shown as Ivory Heavy Antique. RUG Stag Grips. Stag Grip for Ruger. Shown as Ivory.This ivory is at least 10, years old, and we use only the best quality to insure that they are as tough as modern elephant ivory but with the magic that only extinct prehistoric furry elephant ivory has.

We mostly show the - 45 auto style grips, but we also make revolver grips and other auto grips, please inquire. We make grips from the interior ivory with varying amounts of color and grain, and we make grips from the outer bark layer where the color and texture range from brown to blue green. This ivory predates the Marine Mammal Protection Act and is legal for non-natives us to work with. We buy this ivory when available from individuals, aging collectors and inheritors in the lower 48 states, one or two tusks at a time; it does not come from Alaska.

To comply with state laws we no longer ship any ivory to New Jersey addresses and no mammoth ivory only walrus ivory to New York addresses. No fitting required with the right butt-cut, just take off your old grips and put ours on! If you have an ambidextrous safety; this will require in-letting on the back of the right panel, just check the ambi-box yes.

Boone Trading Company. See Mammoth Ivory for International orders.I love a good sixgun. Always have. I presently own several, and have owned many others. Every one of them that I have ever bought, borrowed, or traded for came with a good, serviceable set of grips on it. Some wore grips made of gorgeous walnut, some wore grips made of some other type of wood, and others came with either synthetic rubber or plastic grips, but each and every sixgun that I have ever used had something to hold on to while firing the thing.

However, more likely than not, I have always wanted to change the grips on my revolvers. Sometimes the reason was to get a better hold on the weapon, but more often it was to dress the gun up a bit.

Sometimes, the new grips improved both the handling and aesthetics of the sidearm. I like highly figured wood to dress up a handgun, but my favorite choice is always some type of antler or horn material, whether it be Sambar stag, buffalo horn, mammoth tusk, or more recently, American elk antler.

It has become one of my favorite grip materials. Elk antler has a few things going for it that I really like. First of all, it is found in America. I like homegrown stuff, being a prideful American by birth. It just seems natural to me to put an American antler on an American handgun.

buffalo horn handgun grips

I also like the lighter colors usually found on the elk antler as compared to the darker colors on Sambar. Nothing at all wrong with Sambar stag. It is excellent grip material, strong and beautiful, and I want to clarify that I dearly love a good set of Sambar stag grips, but they are getting harder to find, and I like a little variety in my handguns, grips included.

I sometimes hear it stated that elk antler is not durable enough for handgun grips. That is false. These things were made for fighting between a couple of pound animals, and they do just fine for handgun grips. They must be properly cut, fit, and crafted, as any good natural material must be, but if properly done, they are as durable as any material, and more so than most. American elk antler looks good on most any handgun; blued, nickel, case-hardened, or stainless.

No matter the finish, the richness of the colors looks great to me on any sidearm. I have yet to figure a way to mount a set on a Glock, but on most any other handgun, American elk is a good choice. I also love the feel of a good set of elk grips. They are smooth, but not slick, and the bark area adds both character and texture to offer a secure hold in any weather.

The Model 63 is an all-stainless J-frame chambered for the. The compact little Kit Guns are ideal trail guns, and I carry one often while in the woods. When not carrying a Model 63, I sometimes carry the identical sixgun chambered for the.

When packing a centerfire rifle, I want a rimfire handgun. It adds a lot to the versatility of the armament. I never was one for wanting to carry a rifle and handgun chambered for the same cartridge.

Anyway, the stainless Kit Gun looks great with the American elk grips. The cream color of the smooth part, with the light brown color of the bark looks perfect to me on a stainless sixgun, lending a bit of character to the weapon. I like the look much better than even ivory on a stainless gun.

Grips for Ruger

While Patrick did not have my Model 63 to precisely fit the grips, the fit was near perfect. As can be seen in the pictures, the Grashorn elk grips fit much better than do the factory walnut grips on my other Model All Rights Reserved. Designed by Ecommerce Website Design Company. Lustrous sections of water buffalo horn that have been sanded and polished. The color is black with streaks of white scattered indiscriminately throughout the material.

An imitation amber. Can be used in place of the amber beads which are becoming hard to find. These work very well and look good. A yellow to brown with black stripes.

Often highly figured with eyes. Appears oily with a medium luster. Hard and heavy. Takes a natural polish. Weighs 50 - 60 lbs. We will send a block unless otherwise specified. Bloodwood Specify Block or Scales. Also known as Zebrano or Zingaua. It is an African wood. It is named for its pronounced striped patterns. It is a tan with narrow brown stripes. The grain is somewhat coarse in texture.

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It is hard, heavy wood that achieves a lustrous finish. It should be filled and sealed. Specify Block or Scales.Refine Results. Best sellers. Customer Comments. I ordered the special Pikes Peak th Anniversary edition package which was a phenomenal package. But now that I have started to learn about the virtues of the. I'm thinking I may need to invest in either a 4.

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