Bullied reader x peter parker

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Yet Gwen Stacyhowever, is. Full prompt in end notes. Flash chokes Peter out. Luckily he has a pretty perceptive bodyguard and a loving adoptive father. Did he mention that said adoptive father is Tony Stark? Peter's having issues at school, and they're getting to the point where it begins to impact his behavior, anxiety and self-consciousness.

Tony's patient, up till Happy get's involved, and then for once, a bad guy's terrible plan actually helps someone. Note: this fic is on hiatus for the time being due to personal reasons. I will try to re-open it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding. When Peter goes with his class on their first of a series of field trips to Stark Tower to prepare for the Stark Expo everyone gets a big surprise about the family of their favourite punching bag. In each visit afterwards they find out more and more about Peter's life, and become more and more disinclined to mess with him. Peter is 19 This is adult, legal, and consenting Don't come at me, I will fight your ass.

In wich Peter gets beat up by some school bullies and next thing he knows his suit it's flying him to the avengers compound. Peter Parker's an outcast, sure.

Yet when he gets a chance to finally, finally fit in, it's not like he'll turn it down. He felt dead, empty, and tired. Tony took the suit and everyone he cares about is lying to him.

bullied reader x peter parker

Peter's been the number one ranking student at Midtown high school since he set foot on the campus freshman year. Because of that, he's bullied. The fact that he's also the number one gymnast for the floor routine doesn't actually help his bully situation. Today marks the third time Peter's finished his workout to find his schoolbag dumped out on the floor of the showers His advisor decides that assigning him a mentor would be for the best.

Someone who gets it, someone who can help him deal with the physical and emotional strain of being different, and being hated for it. He certainly never expected the Tony Stark, only son of Howard Stark, and Peters absolute idol to be that someone. Flash says something way out of line that hurts Peter more then he expected. When Tony and Steve find out, they comfort their son and take care of the problem.

Cool sweater! Peter squinted his eyes in confusion as he looked down at the zipped piece of clothing and his eyes widened in shock. He had worn Tony Stark's very own custom sweater to school. No problem, right? Well, when your kind-of-girlfriend, your honorary Uncle, brother and Tony Stark then start to crossout jawbreaker builds a change in Peter Well, that's when things get difficult.

Peter Stark is content in his life. He's got a dad, friends, aunts and uncles. It's good.Originally posted by allenparker. Originally posted by marvelmuggle. But she gets bullied. So one day tony decides to pick her up from school and brings along Bucky for the intimidating effect. The bullying stops from there on. Your name: submit What is this?

You stood in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to calm yourself down and hide the fact that you had been crying. You had hoped you would be able to shrug it off. You pressed a cold paper towel to your face hoping to diminish the blotchy patches forming around your chin. Regulating your breathing, you slung your backpack over your shoulder and made your way through the hallways, wanting nothing more than to be curled up in your bed or messing around with DIY science experiments with Peter.

You became acquainted with him after your dad recruited him and your friendship had been growing slowly. He just understood you. You were too shy to make the first move anyway. It was rare for him to have the time to pick you up himself, but he promised you at least once a week. You took some more deep breaths, determined to not let your dad find out about your situation at school.

He was overprotective, to say the least. When you reached the tower, you kicked off your shoes, said a quick hello to the Avengers and made your way to your bedroom.

You launched yourself on your bed, trying to forget the name-calling and exclusion and general self-loathing you felt. You stared at the ceiling for a few moments, thanking God that you were a senior and nearly free.

You reached for your nightstand, fiddling through the stack of work comic books. You pulled out an issue at random and started reading, waiting for Peter to get back. Instead he wanted to have a chat with your dad. Everyone was off doing their own thing and Tony was currently splayed out on the couch, messing with his laptop, projecting articles in mid-air.

Peter fiddles with the straps on his backpack before announcing himself. Stark, can I talk to you? I hear them talking about her, the horrible things they say. But I know. Tony stared at Peter blankly. Why would anyone ever have the audacity to treat my girl like that? The following day was similar to the one before, and seeing the black car out front was you saving grace. Peter was with you this time.

As you passed by a group of girls, you could hear their whispers.Originally posted by tomhollanddaily.


But the bullying. It hurt you, mentally and physically. And by it, I mean Mike Perry. Resident bad boy, and fucking huge bully. Then it grew into tripping you up, calling you names and physically hurting you. You were scared to say anything - He was smart enough to keep it off school grounds and only do it when you were walking home alone.

Or so you thought. You were beginning to see him as more than your best friend, but would it ever happen? I left early to grab some stuff for a science project. You turned on your heel and made your way out the building, smiling to yourself. He was such a dork. You hopped down the stairs and pushed open the door to your building, walking out into the crisp morning air of Queens, New York. You pulled your beanie further over your head, as the cold air hit your skin. The orange leaves decorated the grey paths like they were purposefully put there, making the busy street look like something off a postcard.

Several people passed you on bikes, followed by people on their early morning runs. You made your way down the road, the leaves crunching under your boots.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You turned left into the second street, your eyes landing on Peter down the path. Get off me! Tall, blonde hair, hazel eyes. Standing over you, breathing heavily like an angry bull.Tell me what you think! Walking through the overcrowded hallway, I felt myself being to tired to move and bumped against several people.

Not that I cared. I did care about my grades and my career and all- but the people in school? I mean, I was quite popular in school and I talked to a lot of students over the day. Body contact, too. It was Peter Parker, the nobody of our school. No one seemed to notice him apart from me. His gorgeous face with the sweet hazel eyes and the fluffy auburn hair… Yes, he was my secret crush that nobody knew about and nobody ever would.

I kept my little secret a long time, talking to him occasionally or having school projects together which lead to me falling in love with him.

I loved how kind he was and he always had something interesting to ramble about. Nothing caught my attention while walking through the hall way, apart from him. I saw him standing at his locker, opening it to put a book inside. I jumped when Flash and his friends appeared out of nowhere and pushed Peter against his locker after he had closed it.

And Peter only stood there, head down, shoulders stiff while Flash threw several mean words at him. I unconsciously made eye contact with Peter who seemed to be internally screaming. And while I was glued to the spot, not able to speak or think, Flash continued bullying him.

Flash laughed triumphantly and suddenly I felt the strong urge to prove a point. In the corner of my eye I saw Flash looking at me as confused as Peter and I smiled to myself.

And then I laid my hands on his shoulders and leaned in quickly, pressing my lips on his. Ignoring the electricity coming from him and the urge to kiss him forever, I pulled back after a few seconds of giving in.

But what were you thinking? It seemed like she thinks something is wrong with me just because I kissed my crush. Okay, secrete crush. Later that day I sat down at a bench outside, my eyes roaming over the campus. I enjoyed being alone at lunch. Not because of my friends! I simply enjoyed the time to think without talking slash gossiping. But still, I was proud of myself: Helping someone by proving his bully wrong.

Somehow it made me feel strong. Thinking of the devil… Peter suddenly stood next to me, a nervous grin on his face. He let out a relieved sigh as he sat down, letting his bag fall on to the ground. Oh, how soft those lips had felt on mine…. I start smiling as soon as you smile at me. Peter shook his head, causing his brown strands to dance on his fore head. I loved kissing you. He was able to place his fore arms on the table to support his weight before our eyes closed and our lips met.

He hummed softly when I started moving my lips and my grib on his collar loosened since I had him where I wanted.Summary : Peter went from being a nerd to one of the most popular kids in school by Junior year. You are a tongue-tied shy girl who has a big crush.

You get hurt one day after school and Peter thinks it best to take you back to his apartment to make sure everything is okay. In the end it turns out that Peter actually wanted to tell you something. You were quiet, you kept to yourself, and for a long time that was okay. Well that was until the day you met Peter Parker. Suddenly being quiet became the worst curse on the planet, you wished more than anything for a cunning tongue to speak exactly what you were thinking without error.

But unfortunately, such a thing did not exist. About two years ago, Peter broke out of his shell and started climbing the social ladder; now he was in the big leagues. Most girls doted pointlessly on him, and in all honesty you kind of did as well. Even though he was a social god, he was also rumored to still maintain an insanely high GPA. Smiling awkwardly, you fumbled with the combination and wrenched the stubborn door open. Peter was surrounded by a small group of friends but seemed fairly preoccupied with his thoughts as he was staring out at nothing in particular.

Sometimes you wondered if he was still the nerd you had shared English with your Freshman year. Gathering your belongings you closed the door, shot Peter a quick smile, and cursed your lead-like tounge for letting you down once more. Walking off to class, the day went on and nothing happened, that was until the final bell rang and all of the students rushed into the halls and to their promised freedom.

You were a little slower to leave considering your last teacher had let class drag on longer than usual, by the times you had left the classroom most of the halls were deserted. By the time you rounded the corner and saw Peter, it was too late. It was now obvious that he had been running too. Groaning softly you rubbed your temple that had come into painfully hard contact with his surprisingly solid chest.

That thought alone was enough to cause a light blush to spread across your face. Quickly, Peter leaned you against one of the lockers and started picking up everything that had fallen out of your backpack and reorganizing and repacking it. If you were your normal self you would probably be too shy to even look at him right now, let alone interact.

Laughing lightly, Peter slung your bag over his shoulder and did the same for his over the other before bending down and extending his hand to you. He carried them like they were nothing; on bad days it took almost all of your strength to lift your stubborn bag from the ground. I promise it will only take a few minutes.

Peter Parker x listener, chapter 6 (#fanfiction)

Nodding with a dopey smile on your face, you took his hand and stumbled upwards before slumping against his frame for support. It felt like the world was spinning around you at incomprehensible speeds. If you were in your right state of mind, you would have died of embarrassment by now, luckily you were still in lala land. Rounding the corner to his building, Peter buzzed in and made his way inside. By the time you reached his door, you were gradually coming to your senses.

As your mind cleared, your nerves caught fire as you realized what was happening. Helping you onto the couch, Peter took note of your sudden frigid body language and gradually reddening face.

You could no longer speak, you merely sat in stunned silence as you listened to Peter rummage around in the freezer. He was a public figure of popularity at school, and you were just the quiet girl who sat at the back of class. Maybe you passed out after the collision and this was all some crazy delusion, unfortunately the ice cold feeling of an ice pack being pressed to your temple immediately discredited that theory.

I feel absolutely awful. Coughing uncomfortably, Peter scratched the back of his neck. Over the last two years he always seemed so composed. This was the first time you had seen him look this out of place since he was Freshman.Originally posted by captainsamerica.

You slammed the door to your room and immediately jumped onto your bed. When Steve had picked you up from from school, you had been in an incredibly bad mood. So now you were in your room sulking on your bed, holding back tears. You hated to cry. You felt as if you did, you would be letting them win. And you were a very feisty person. Steve decided to let you cool down for a while before trying to talk about it after about half am hour, you heard heavy footsteps thundering up the stairs leading to your room.

You groaned and gripped your pillow closer. There was a soft knock at the door and a calm, soothing voice out side your room. You okay? Can we talk about today? After a few seconds, you heard him come in and soon you felt your mattress dip. He went to rub your back affectionately. That always calmed you down when you were younger.

What happened, honey? He lifted his head in understatement and sighed. You shrugged your shoulders. Stuff like that. Made me feel bad. A tear finally slipped down your cheek. He wiped it off with his thumb. He chuckled lightly.

But we can let them bring us down, or dim our light.

bullied reader x peter parker

But they do notice some of the privileges that you have. And that may make them help us of you. So never let them get to you, hon. You nodded slightly and hugged him back. I love it. You smiled sadly and he paused. Where is It? Come on, I wanna see that smile. Nonetheless, he pulled you to him and laughed a full-on attack on your belly and you doubled over in laughter.In which ; The reader is bullied for having an afro, among other things, and Peter comforts her.

A request for soft-parker! Her hair is beautiful, and so is she. Below is NSFW prompts. This is new. Do I really have that much of an effect on you? You turned from your side, awaking from your light sleep and saw Peter, your newly acquired boyfriend, by your side. Goodness no, why are you here?

And, how? You nodded, unable to argue, and held your arms out. He carefully picked you up bridal style, leaving your blankets on the bed. He only kissed your forehead in response, covered your eyes with his hand, took you out of your bedroom, and onto your couch that was in the form of a pull out bed.

Taking his hands off your eyes, he gently rested you on your couch, on top of a warm blanket. Peter then placed a pillow behind your head, and kissed your forehead once tucking you in.

Out of the dryer?! Rest your head, I know you feel terrible. Once he returned from the kitchen, he brought out a plastic bag, with a flat tray in his other hand. His backpack was strapped on his back and he hurriedly rushed to your couch. Peter placed the tray between where you sat on the bed, and placed two tubs of broccoli cheddar soup and two raspberry Snapple bottles on the tray, as well as a cookie for only you.

Here, open wide.

bullied reader x peter parker