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T he Energy Healing Site is a unique, free resource. It takes me Nancy many hours each week to sustain and expand it. If it is valuable to you, please consider supporting it with a donation. But first, if you need a refresher on what chakras are, you can go here for a general overview, or here for more detailed information.

Chakra Stones Chart: Learn About Your 7 Chakras

Chakra Stones Following are some suggestions for chakra gems for the individual chakras. These are meant as suggestions, rather than hard-and-fast rules. You should follow your own inner guidance about what gems are right for you.

chakra stones

First Chakra Hematite, black obsidian, garnet, smoky quartz, red jasper, jet, bloodstone, ruby, fire opal Second Chakra Carnelian, orange calcite, orange jasper, fire opal, tiger's eye Third Chakra citrine, yellow jasper, amber, fire opal, golden calcite, topaz, moonstone Fourth Chakra Rose quartz, pink tourmaline, green adventurine, malachite, jade, peridot, rhodochrosite, rhodonite Fifth Chakra Turquoise, sodalite, blue calcite, aquamarine, blue lace agate, blue aragonite Sixth Chakra Lapis lazuli, sugilite, azurite, celestite, blue aventurine, angelite Seventh Chakra Amethyst, white topaz, white calcite, blue opal, blue sapphire Energy Healing With Chakra Stones Gemstones have long been used for healing--of mind, body and spirit.

Many energy healers and other alternative healers today incorporate them into their work. There are any number of ways that you could use chakra gemstones--your imagination is your only limit. But I'll explain one commonly used method here, what might be called "laying on of stones.

You can do a healing in which you treat each of the seven chakras, or you can just do a "spot treatment" for a particular chakra that's feeling "off" if you have less time. Ways to clear a stone include washing it in salt water sea water or water in which sea salt has been dissolved ; burying it in the earth point down ; exposing it to moonlight; running it under cool water; or holding it in your closed fist and "blowing into it" blow into the small gap where your thumb and index finger are curled around each other with the intention to purify it.

Put your chakra stones in a place where they'll be accessible to you you once you lie down. Lie down on a comfortable surface. Attend to your comfort with a blanket and a pillow under your knees or head if needed. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and slowly into your belly actually into the lower third of your lungs, but your belly will rise and fall if you're doing it correctly! Set your intention for this healing session. If you're just going to work with one chakra, set the specific intention for that chakra.

If you're going to work with all the chakras, set a general intention for this healing. If you're only going to work with one chakra, place the stone over that chakra. You can start at the crown chakra and work your way down, in order, to the first chakra sky to earth--e.

Don't sweat the direction choice--just go with what feels right.

How to Use Chakra Stones – The Complete Guide

If you place the stones top to bottom, have any points on the stones facing toward your feet. Conversely, if you're placing the stones bottom to top, place any stones with points so that the points face your head. You may also like to hold a stone in each hand. If a stone doesn't feel comfortable or "feels wrong" or keeps rolling off once you place it, go with that feeling and remove it, either leaving that chakra without a stone, or using a different one.

As you place each chakra stone, you may want to set a specific intention for the healing of that particular chakra, sense the energy of the stone, and visualize its bright color and harmonious energy "tuning" the chakra.Chakra stones are great tool for healing and balancing your chakras.

You can wear them as jewelry as bracelets or pendants, or you can use the tumbled or raw gemstones by placing them on your chakras.

According to their energetic attributes, we can group the stones by their alignment with a specific chakra. Each type of stone is used for balancing a different chakra. There are exceptions to this rule, and you will learn best from your own experience once you actually start using the gemstones and connect with them. You can buy individual stones for each of the seven chakras at your local crystal shop if available or at different online vendors.

Normally the prices at specialized brick-and-mortar shops can be at more expensive side, so the cheapest option is to look for crystal fairs near to your location or buy online.

Also beware that there are many sellers especially online which will sell you fake stones or plastic — so if you buy online, aim for the trusted vendor with plenty of good reviews. Keep in mind that if you buy individual crystals you will end up paying more as if you buy a kit. There are different chakra healing crystal kits available at different prices — from basic ones containing just the 7 stones to more elaborate ones that contain all the tools you need for a chakra balancing session.

Here are a few examples of popular chakra stones kits you can get on Amazon. Our favorite is the first one to the left. It might cost a few more bucks more as the next offer in line, but it is packed with goodies and has high number of good rankings. Anyways, there are many to choose from …. This way they will work with their best energy potential. This is especially critical when you use chakra stones for healing yourself or other people.

There are many types of crystals, and they differ in their crystallization and solidification process. These features make crystals attractive for use in science, industry, and also in holistic and alternative medicine.

If you use chakra crystals for healing, you should select the right stone for the appropriate purpose, depending on what energy aspect or chakra you want to heal. Energy interaction between the chakra and a healing stone is a two-way process. If you use a gemstone in a room, its energy is in continuous interaction with energies of the surroundings.

If you wear it as a pendulum, bracelet or a ring, it is constantly in close connection and communication with your energy field.In other words, a lot of people see chakras as another New Age frou-frou gimmick.

But it turns out, chakras are no fad. They date as far back as and BC in the oldest Indian text called the Vedas. Chakras are defined as a spinner wheel or disk. When these chakras are blocked, it can result in our energies getting stuck, leading us to feel uncomfortable. Luckily, chakra healing stones are here to help. Chakra stones are used to activate and balance the energy of the chakras.

The chakras in the body are each connected to a color of the rainbow, which, in turn, means each chakra stone also has that color. You can purchase an entire chakra stone set, but here are some of the most popular ones. Sarah is a writer, editor and cat mom. To learn more, you can find her at her website sarahkester. Video of the Day. References Indigo Massage Therapy: What is the origin of the chakra system? About the Author.

Most Powerful Crystals. What Are the Metaphysical Properties of Opalite? How Best to Use the Solfeggio Frequencies.Chakras are energy centers along your spine. There are seven main chakras, known as the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

They are tied to physical and emotional problems in the body. Analyzing what is happening with your chakras is a powerful way to tune into your mind, body and spirit. In order to do this, you should pay close attention to which chakras react when you are in stressful situations. Look closely at things to see if you find any patterns of recurring problems or illness, which could clue you into which of your 7 chakras is out of balance.

Read a brief description of each of the seven chakras below. Based on Ayurvedic teachings and other Eastern traditions such as yoga and Buddhism, the energy body exists alongside the physical body, both requiring a balanced flow of life energy. In energy healing, keeping these energetic pathways cleansed and activated is very important for enhancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

When these energy centers are aligned, balanced, and cleansed, it helps you feel energized and centered. Each of the 7 chakras has a vibrational frequency that is associated with a different color.

When you pair certain crystals with chakras in the body, the crystalline structure of gemstones work to amplify your healing intentions and restore and rebalance the energy body by removing blockages. Cleansing of the 7 chakras also brings balance to overactive energy while strengthening any weaknesses.

Say goodbye to unnecessary drama and hello to everyday wellbeing when the chakras in the body are spinning at a strong and steady pace. Forget microdermabrasion at the spa.

If you need a refreshing pick-me-up, get ready for a goddess glow with an all-over chakra cleanse. Place a chakra stone on each associated energy center and simply breathe in positivity and exhale negativity. If your root chakra is weak, you may feel like you are unhappy with your body size or shape. If your root chakra is overactive, you might find that you often explode angrily at the smallest things. Once your root chakra is balanced, you will feel more grounded, solid and confident in yourself.

A low energy flow through your sacral chakra will cause a lack of energy and motivation. You may feel extremely lethargic and even depressed, lacking any joyful moments in your life. If your sacral chakra is overactive, you may be feeling a constant frustration, leading to you breaking down in tears too often. Once your sacral chakra is back in balance, you will begin to feel excitement, inspiration and motivation again.

Inactivity of the solar plexus chakra will cause you to feel powerless, especially when you are under pressure. Once your solar plexus chakra is balanced, you will begin to feel motivated, focused and confident in your decisions. If you find yourself having problems in your relationships or feeling unattached to the people you love, it may indicate that your heart chakra is weak. If your heart chakra is overactive, you may find yourself becoming too attached to things, resulting in you being overly emotional all the time.

Once your heart chakra becomes realigned, you radiate love of all kinds. Your relationships will begin to strengthen again and you will feel hopeful. A weak throat chakra will make you unable to speak your truth and express yourself.Click here to jump to the Chakra stones and Chakra crystals chart.

Click here for the list of 53 Chakra stones and Chakra crystals for complete meanings and correspondences. Color, crystals, and Chakra stones are an easy way to balance the energy systems of the Chakras. Furthermore, these pure, spectral colors can be used to influence the senses; color balances the bioenergy of the body, mind, and soul.

Colors, like each of the highly effective Chakra healing soundsalso have frequencies, measured in terahertz, and wavelengths measured in nanometers. Click here to learn more about the different layers of the aura and the Chakras.

Each Chakra also has healing crystals and balancing chakra stones. Likewise, Chakra stones are in co-ordinated Chakra colors, which can be used in gemstone and crystal healing.

Using crystals is a biofuel that affects physical, emotional and spiritual.

chakra stones

Unfortunately, if our Chakras are blocked or drained, then our body, spirit, and mind can not work properly.

Fortunately, clearing our energy systems with Chakra colors, gemstones, crystals and Chakra soundscan easily bring us back to a vibrant and healthy energy balance.

The natural properties of chakra stones and crystals can activate and balance the energy systmes of the chakras. Chakra stones and crystals can have natural healing energy, that resonates with the bioenergy of each chakra. As a result, a Chakra stone or crystal can activate the movement and balancing of the natural, bioenergy within you. To activate your chakra stones and crystals, use your intention and imagination to visualize energy.

Magnify and channel this energy through your Chakra crystal or stone. As a result, this will activate the healing and balancing properties of your stones or crystals. In turn, this will activate the healing of the chakra you wish to balance.

A chakra can have several crystals and stones; use your intuition to choose the healing crystals and stones right for you. When choosing gemstones and crystals in person, look for the ones that attract you with their glow. You can lay down, and place the Chakra stone or crystal over the Chakra. Alternately, you may hold it in your hand, or wear it as jewelry, or you can keep your Chakra stone in your pocket. Focus on activating your Chakra stones and crystals, by meditating on your intention.

In addition, simply relax in the knowledge that your chakra stone is there to harmonize the bioenergy of your chakras. You can leave them underwater, or bury them under the earth, allowing the ecosystem to cleanse them.

chakra stones

Alternately, you may leave them in the sun for a day, or under the moonlight for a night. Finally, you can smudge them with sage. Chakra stones like garnetonyxand red jasper are beneficial. Chakra stones like carnelian and orange zincite help to bring the system into balance.

Chakra stones like citrine and yellow sapphire are used.Then you definitely will enjoy working with chakra stones to bolster the health and vitality of your chakras!

Read on to find out how you can use chakra stones, which stones are recommended for the seven major chakrasand how to use them on the chakras for the best results. In meditation or yoga, the word chakra relates to the wheels of energy that can be found all throughout your body. There are seven major chakras that align the spine, starting at the base of spine and going up to the crown of the head.

Just think of it as a swirling of energy where consciousness and matter meet. Chakra healing crystals are those stones most capable of interacting with this energy and these inner wheels. The vibrations given off by these stones can assist in realigning chakras if they become mismanaged, through no fault of your own. They can also slow down chakras that are spinning too fast, often bringing with them a sense of hyperactivity or a sense of tension that is impossible to overcome.

Of course, doing so means having a greater understanding of how these stones and your chakras interact, as we will be exploring below. Chakra stones are different types of stones in various colors that support in the chakra natural healing process.

The chakras in the human body have specific colorsand these colors change when the chakras are not functioning as they should. So, what are they used for? Their energies are intended to help your chakras to find a greater sense of harmony and balance within you. In many interpretations, chakras are spinning energy wheels, and as such they can fall out of alignment, spin too fast, or likewise fall into a sluggish turn that makes them barely functional.

What takes a little more time and finesse is learning to pre-empt that, but this is another matter that crystals can help with. There are seven main chakras in the body, with some minor ones alongside them. Each chakra has a corresponding color. The root or base chakra resonates with the colors black and red. Yellow is for the solar plexus chakra, while green or pink is for the heart chakra. Based on this, each chakra has several stones that can help heal them and boost them into proper functioning.

Sometimes a combination of a few colors can solve the problem.Last Updated: December 5, In order to choose a healing crystal, you have to look at several stone attributes, including its energetic quality, color, and the intuitive or personal resonance you have with it. Each chakra is typically associated with one or several stones.

Chakra stones are used to activate, balance, or amplify the energy of the chakras. Crystal healing is based on the belief that stones or crystals have a natural healing frequency that can be activated to contribute to moving or balancing energy around them. In the case of chakra stones, the vibrational signature of each crystal corresponds or resonates with specific energy centers.

You may use intention and intuition to activate the healing power of the stones. Active imagination or visualizations could help in accessing the space in which you can use stones or crystals in combination with chakra healing. Energy is channeled and magnified through the crystal. First, you can check the set of stones typically associated with each chakra.

Note that the chakras can have several stones and you will need to determine which one works best for you and in which circumstance. You may also use your intuition or intuitive perception to pick your healing stone.

For that, use the intuitive sense or senses that are most developed for you. You may look at stones and see which ones are most appropriate because of their glow. You may feel the energy of the stone by hovering over it with your hand and feeling a tingling or heating sensation. Or you may just know which one to choose when you need it. The crystal could have a physical healing purpose, reflect emotional or spiritual aspirations — or you may just be attracted to a color that resonates with you that day.

Remember that the stone power is increased by the clarity of your intention. So make sure you choose carefully. Our recommendation is to use a type of string or mounting piece that does not interfere with the stone healing power. Neutral materials, such as thin ropes, leather, or pure metals, such as silver or gold are good options.

Wearing chakra stone jewelry around your neck or as bracelet is a statement both for yourself and for others. Stones are powerful amplifiers and may radiate or attract energy both in and out through their natural qualities, symbolic and cultural meanings, as well as the personal affinities you have with them. There are many ways to use chakra stones for healing.

A laying down position is easier for working with crystals. Focus on activating the resonance between the stone and your chakras with the power of your intention, meditation, or simply relax knowing you have the support of your chakra stone to harmonize frequencies. For that, there are many methods including leaving them under water or salt water for a little while use caution with salt water as some crystals are sensitive to itleaving them under the sun or the moon light for the day or the night, smudging them with sage, burying them in the soil for an extended period of time for more intense regeneration.