Eq rogue stats

Welcome to our beginner's guide to EverQuest progression servers! The point of this guide is simple: Help new er players start and have fun on a new Everquest progression server. This guide is not crunching any numbers or going into end-game mechanics. This is for beginners, and meant as a starting point to begin your adventure.

To several of our friends who are playing for the first time on the Coirnav server, we hope this helps! The "holy trinity" of classes actually doesn't include DPS, but instead focuses on tanking, healing, and crowd control. Let's take a look at the class archetype breakdown. The lists above don't paint a completely accurate picture. For that reason, I'm going to go into a little more depth on each class to provide insights into their gameplay.

The most straight forward tank of them all. Warriors can be tough to start because they lack the "snap aggro" abilities that a Paladin or Shadow Knight have, but they quickly mid-late 20's come into their own. Solid class for anyone who enjoys tanking. Paladins can access the cleric line of spells, but they lag behind by several tiers.

Paladins can even user weaker resurrect spells. Paladins are great tanks early and later in the game. One of their best abilities is Lay on Hands which acts as a massive heal. Shadow Knights can access necromancer spells, but they lag behind in spell tiers as well. They get a weak nearly worthless pet, and several abilities which help to hold aggro very well. The only pure healer, and by far the best healer in the game.

Clerics have access to a myriad of healing spells, buffs, and minor utility spells. Clerics are a mandatory class. Druids are one of the few truly 'jack-of-all-trade' classes. They can heal, nuke, dot, buff, solo, and group.

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While they dabble in everything, they specialize in nothing. Druids won't get groups as easy as a pure caster dps or a cleric, but that doesn't mean their value in a group isn't recognizable. A good Druid can effectively "quad kite" which means kite four mobs at a time solo.

Lastly, Druids get teleport spells which makes traveling and having others tip you for a port very easy. Shaman are a great support class. They can off-heal well, buff the group, and even debuff monsters with an attack speed decrease debuff and magic resist debuff that every group will insist you use. The hardest nuking caster class. Wizards are the truest glass cannon in the game. If you enjoy simply nuking monsters, then a Wizard is a good choice.

Early on they are tough to solo with due to mana problems and having to keep monsters at a distance, but later on they can quad kite.Rogues are one of the premier melee DPS classes. They are situationally the highest DPS class, although in some cases berserker will clock in ahead of them. Rogues do need to be able to reach the back of the mob to cause their best damage, but in most cases, this is not a problem. Rogues receive a number of burst DPS utilities, meaning that they can temporarily achieve an amount of damage much higher than their average.

Rogues also have the Razorarc line, allowing a powerful first hit at the cost of endurance. High level rogues consistently using their disciplines "discs" and abilities can use quite a lot of endurance, but have the Second Wind line of discs to help them regenerate endurance.

In addition to their damage-dealing abilities, rogues have several other class-unique abilities. They can develop their abilities to Sneak and Hide to very high levels. Other skills include crafting and applying poison to their primary weapon, sensing and disarming traps, picking pockets, and picking locks for doors that may or may not have a key. A rogue with highly developed skill levels for Sneak and Hide, coupled with their Shroud of Stealth alternate ability, this allows them to make fantastic scouts and corpse-draggers.

This is primarily due to not relying on spells or potions that specialize in keeping the user invisible to either living or undead mobs.

There are a variety of poisons that a rogue can create through the unique, class-related skill Make Poison : snare poisons, direct damage poison, and death-over-time poisons are the most common. Most traps are not visible.

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If a rogue is actively attempting to detect trap, and one is within the range of a rogue's ability to find, he will be pointed in the direction of the trap. Once a trap has been sensed, it can be disarmed. The pickpocket ability only allows the rogue to steal items that are not no-trade and coins, and can only be used on NPCs.

A more highly developed ability to pickpocket reduces the chance that the NPC will catch the rogue, which can be very helpful in the rogue 1. The need for the ability to pick locks has been significantly reduced after the Kunark and Luclin expansions.

Certain locked doors, such as the entrance to The Ruins of Old Paineel, the entrance to the city of Paineel, or the doors in Charasis, can be opened by a rogue with a lockpick set and a sufficiently high enough skill. There are certain zones, such as the City of Mist or Vex Thal, that require a rogue's ability to pick locks, as there are no keys.

Apply Poison 18 This allows a rogue to apply poisons to his primary weapon. Archery 1 Bow and arrow; useful for tagging and pulling.

eq rogue stats

Backstab 10 A devasting hit from behind unique to rogues; a piercing weapon is required. Assasinations 32k point backstabs become available at Bind Wound 1 As the skill develops, you can heal yourself with bandages.Following guide will explain stat mechanics.

For further class specific stat optimizations visit Class Optimizations. Each class archtype uses only one primary stat along with stamina. Agility, Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom. Description : The primary stat increases damage and max power. Cap : no cap! Description : Stamina increases maximum health. Description : Reduces damage from magic attacks. Mitigation Physical Resistance. Description : Reduces damage from crushing, slashing and piercing attacks.

Description : Block Chance increases your chance to block an incoming attack. Description : Avoidance is a sum of several stats that will increase your chance to avoid incoming attack. Stats that increase avoidance :. Stats in this category affect all your abilities, combat arts and spells. Some even affect your auto attack. Description : Increases your chance to critically hit, heal or taunt. This can trigger on offensive combat art, offensive or healing spell, taunts or atuo attack.

Description : Once crit procs, crit bonus defines the amount of that crit hit, heal or taunt. This stat also affects crits that proc of auto attacks.

Classic WoW: Rogue Pre-PvP BiS Guide - Gear - Enchants

Description : Increases amount of all your offensive, healing and taunt abilities, combat arts and spells. Description : Adds additional percent of damage or heal to abilities, combat arts and spells. It applies after all other modifiers have been applied. For example, your if spell does damage after pot, abil mod, crit chance, crit bonus have been applied and you had 10 fervor, you would do damage. Cap : Description : When fighting a mob that has resolve stat, your own resolve will define how much damage you will do to the mob and how much of the incoming damage you will receive.The class's iconic offensive action is its ability to backstaba special attack that deals heavy damage if used against the rear arc of an opponent's body but fails if the intended victim is facing the rogue.

At level 63 and above, the Shroud of Stealth AA enhances this into the most potent form of stealth in the game, rendering the sneaking-and-hidden rogue immune to detection by all but the most viglant of creatures. Rogues are the only class with the ability to Make Poisona tradeskill which creates consumables that grant the user an offensive melee combat proc to deal bonus damage as a result of the poison.

While some of these poisons can be used by any class, many of the more damaging or tactically interesting poisons can only be applied by rogues. Thus, tradeskilling for poisons can become a rather significant aspect of rogue gameplay. Rogues wear chain armor and are normally seen dual wieldingwith a one-handed piercing weapon in both the primary hand and secondary hand due to the addition of AA's that only affect piercing weapon damage. Please note, the use of a piercing weapon in the primary hand is required in order to use the ability backstab.

Rogues receive a small bonus to their rate of normal not AA experience gain, compared to most other classes. The class's strong damage output, satisfying translation of weapon upgrades and offensive buffs into bigger damage, ability to stealth around, and ability to enhance others melee damage by making poisons all contribute to making the rogue a helpful and fun class to include in a dedicated play group that will contain one or more other melee fighters and intends on doing a lot of dungeon crawling while advancing in levels.

Along with amazing dps, the Rogue has high defensive and evasion skills combined with decent health and armor which means that they could tank and take hits about as well as Rangers and Monks but inferior to Warriors and Paladins.

A rogue seeking to adventure solo through the early levels of the game will generally find the ideal companion to be a tanking mercenary of the highest tier that the account's current membership status allows.

Depending on tier, the tanking mercenary can provide suitable solo tanking without need of healing until level 60 and beyond, allowing the rogue to get behind foes and backstab freely. The important Backstab skill arrives at level Although its damage early on is not particularly flashy, planning one's fighting around creating opportunities to use it e. From level 15 onward, the rogue meets the required level necessary to use the lowest-level poisons. These poisons provide a random chance for autoattack swings to deal a large amount of extra poison damage while lowering the rogue's threat with the target.

Additional poison options are also available if a higher level rogue crafts some first-tier poisons to give or sell to the level At level 20 the rogue gains access to the Make Poison tradeskillwhich significantly expands the strategies and tactics available to the class.

The newfound ability to create poisons like Strike of Ssraeshzawhich fades after only one proc but deals extreme damage and is virtually guaranteed to proc immediately on the rogue's next autoattack swingempowers the rogue with the option of generating a large burst of poison damage on-demand rather than waiting for random chance. Meanwhile, debuffing poisons like Myrmidon's Sloth and Fighter's Bane provide the rogue with new tools for hindering foes.

Note that one damaging poison and one debuffing poison can be active on the rogue simultaneously. For social players, the ability to craft Spider's Bite and Scorpion's Agony poisons, which are usable by any class, gives the rogue a refreshing ability to provide ADPS to a party by preparing poisons and mailing or trading them to allies before a session of adventuring begins.

Since they can be traded, poisons can also be made and sold to other interested players for profit. Also at level 20, a rogue gains access to his or her first class-specific melee tomeSneak Attack. This combat ability requires that the rogue be successfully hidden for one tick prior to activation, and sharply increases the accuracy, minimum and maximum damage, and critical hit chance of the rogue's next backstab within 30 seconds.

Although not a tremendous increase in DPS within itself, this ability serves as an introduction to the increasingly powerful sneak attacks the rogue will gain access to while progressing through the levels. Rogue Spells, Disciplines, and Abilities List. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.Rogues are the stealthy thieves and vicious assassins that stalk the shadows of Norrath.

eq rogue stats

Rogues are primarily a melee class, able to wear chain armor and use piercing, slashing and some blunt weapons. Rogues are sneaky fighters who always seek to take advantage of enemies by attacking from behind. Rogues can backstab enemies for extra damage, using poisoned weapons for added effect. Rogues can detect traps, pick locks and pockets, and fall safely from great heights.

Rogues are known for their ability to sneak and hide. This allows them to move almost anywhere, exploring the dangers that lie ahead. Combined with rogue items that use illusions, rogues make excellent scouts. Rogues are a specialist class that works best with a group of friends.

Rogues can add greatly to the killing power of a group. The rogue is a good choice for players who like to do heavy damage while walking the dangerous edge of dungeon exploration. Just keep in mind being the best damage dealer comes at the cost of being extremely group dependent. The first thing you have to pick then is your race.

Which race you pick will determine the foundation of you character for the rest of your life in Norrath so it is kind of important you pick one you like. Most of the rogue races are quite well suited to the class, but there are some differences to note. Wood Elves, Dark Elves and Gnomes all have low strength however which is a large hindrance to to the overall damage output of the class. Barbarians and Dwarves on the other hand have quite high strength which is a definite bonus.

Halflings level slightly faster than the other rogue races, whilst Barbarians level slightly slower. Barbarians do however get the ability to slam their enemies both interrupting casting and giving a short stun. They can also wear both large and medium armour, and use the large race throwing weapons. Barbarians and Humans are the only races with no night vision, however you can find items in the game which will remove this deficiency.

You should also note that Dark Elves are generally hated through most cities of Norrath. These stats enhance the ability to, respectively, deal damage and stay alive to deal more. This is a difficult early game build for low STR races.

eq rogue stats

Recommended for Barbarians and Dwarves. Well suited for low STR races. Certain races and classes require differing amounts of experience points to attain the same level.

For example, a Halfling Rogue requires Generally speaking being agnostic is a fairly safe bet in Everquest.

Stats Breakdown

Religion serves only to get you into trouble in many situations. Following a religion will at worst get you killed in some areas, but generally you can avoid these.Hitpoints help you survive more hits and spell damage. HP is abundant on gear, and gear of the same tier provides roughly the same amount in all slots, with a few exceptions.

HP regenerates at a rather slow pace when in combat, but regeneration can be boosted through spells, items and AA. HP is also gained through Stamina and Heroic Stamina see later sections. HP can be temporarily increased by buffs, such as Cleric, Paladin, Druid and Shaman buffs, and clickies. Almost all spells cost mana to cast, and a larger mana pool allows you to "burn" longer. Mana is abundant on gear which is usable by casters, and gear of the same tier provides roughly the same amount in all slots, with a few exceptions.

Mana regenerates at a rather slow pace when in combat, but regeneration can be boosted through spells, items and AA. Only a few spells exist that increase mana. Enchanter spells can increase it, and clickies exist that give extra mana.

Endurance was introduced as a stat with the December 18, patch, and replaced the old stamina bar. It regenerated quickly, and could be replenished by certain spells such as Yaulp. It was never really properly used or implemented as the game progressed, and was thus removed.

Endurance is available to all classes, but is only useful to melee and hybrid classes. It is abundant on gear like HP and mana, and is used for certain combat abilities disciplines. Hybrids use them in a lesser manner, while pure melee are heavy users of it. Combat abilities exist that regenerate endurance for example Respite ; otherwise it regenerates slowly like HP and mana. AC is displayed as one number to the player, but in reality consists of two numbers behind the scenes.

This part determines the chance of being missed, i. When you see "a skeleton tries to slash YOU, but misses! Second, "mitigation AC" is increased by AC from gear. It determines the "roll" of damage you take when a monster hits you in melee - after it has been determined that the hit hasn't missed. The damage bonus is fixed for example and is applied with guarantee before possible further mitigation, damage absorbation or invulnerabilitY to every hit you take that connects.

Mitigation AC reduces, on average, the multiplier. When a monster strikes you, the monster's ATK is weighed against your AC, and you for example have AC much higher than the monster's ATK fighting a low level monster for exampleyou will see that you mostly take very small hits due to the DI multiplier often being low. Go up against a high level monster and you will more often take bigger hits from getting hit by a high DI multiplier. The effectiveness of AC also varies from class to class, and there are special rules, such as shields providing more effective AC than other items and many other rules.

AC is found on almost all gear. AC is heavily increased by the Defense skill giving avoidance AC. It can be increased via buffs primarly from clerics and paladins, and to a lesser degree from enchanters and many other self-buffs and clickies.Forgot your password?

On this page, you will find out the optimal stat priority for your Assassination Rogue. We first present the stat priority, before delving into more complex explanations. These statistics have been obtained by combining common sense, in-game testing, and simulations using SimulationCraft. Agility is your primary statistic. You should look for it in all of your upgrades.

It provides you with Attack Power, which determines the damage your abilities do. Mastery increases the damage that your poisons and bleeds deal through Mastery: Potent Assassin.

Critical Strike increases your chance to critically hit with attacks. Haste provides you with increased attack speed and Energy regeneration. It also increases the tick-rate of your Rupture and Garrotewhich results in more energy gained through Venomous Wounds. This guide has been written and reviewed by Seliathan, who has been playing Rogue for over 14 years.

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