How to bypass electric meter

Electric Utility Management Systems will help companies to improve its efficiency and productivity. However, the key point of successful system is to have solid definitions of business processes involved. With the electricity tariff hikes, many customers of utility company is trying to bypass the meter.

In this case, I will be specific in Electricity Meter. The most common meter bypass that is done by customer is by putting a jumper in meter terminal.

how to bypass electric meter

You can see the picture of meter by pass here. This kind of meter bypass can be easily noticed by reader when they go regular reading of your meters. Another type of meter bypass is by removing external potential copper on the terminal. This kind of fraud is hardly noticed because the reader will not pay attention on the terminal copper when doing the reading. See the picture of by passing meter using external potential open.

Double feeding can also be a type of meter by pass as it will not register the whole consumption of electricity. If you meter cable is over the ground, than it will be easy to do.

However, it is one of the easiest one to notice. Unless the cables in your area is so crowded that it is difficult to notice which one is legal and which one is not.

How To Bypass Your Electric Meter?

If the cable is under ground, it is difficult to tamper but when it is done, you are less likely to get caught in near future. Readers seldom check the underground connection unless there are troubles.

See double feeding here. Customers are encouraged to do meter bypass because it seems common to them. They see neighbors are doing that, why should not I? Especially when they encounter that the personnel from electricity company is offering that services for some dollars.Thank you for checking in. Header Ads. The wire most probably black from the electric Pole to your house brings in electricity, The electricity is put into the meter box and fixed into that plastic object where a fuse is placed.

Your digital meter then connects to the other end of the plastic object with 2 wires most probably Red and Black. Here we need to bypass this circuit by removing the fuse and replacing it with our own circuit using a strong copper wire.

Bypass Electric Meter

Now you can enjoy free unlimited electricity. As I said, this is for educational purposes only and I am not responsible for any illegal action you may perfom or any harm caused to you, though the trick is simple. Follow us to find out more No comments. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Total Pageviews. Random Posts. Recent Comments. Popular Posts. Eye problems are common, but did you know they can be prevented? Team Mafisi Aye? KTN news anchor Betty Kyallo's divorce was the most t Categories bizzare celebrity entertainment fashion funny gadgets gossip hacking health healthstore international lifestyle men movies music news politics scandal sports stories technology television tips top stories women world wtf.

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Thread starter full of purple Start date May 4, Status Not open for further replies. Jogro Well-Known Member. Don't know the answer to that question, but I do know that stealing power is a major no-no in terms of avoiding unwanted attention. I wouldn't try it. Becorath Well-Known Member.

It is easy to do I worked for an electric coop for 4 years.

how to bypass electric meter

If you live in a large and or new area, chances are you WILL get caught within billing cycles. Theft is theft If the area you live in is very rural or very old as far as the ststem goes, You might get away with it for years. There is a way to do it that I won't discuss publicly but the things about Magnets, tires, foil, etc on the meter is pretty much crap.

It will just make you look stupid.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

We will get through this together. Updated: August 5, References. Normally, there is no need for anyone other than a qualified electrician or authorized utility employee to remove a meter.

Furthermore, nearly all utilities require obtaining permission before breaking seals and removing meters.

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With electricity prices soaring and everyone feeling the pinch on utility bills across the board, there is more and more temptation than ever to bypass your electricity meter in order to save a bit of money.

There are two things to remember here though. One, it can be extremely dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, most qualified electricians will not want to carry out such a job. And secondly, it is illegal, if you do such a procedure it is purely your responsibility and any consequences are down to you.

Some customers have been known to tape a strong magnet to the meter box, as close to the wheel as possible. Apparently this can help to slow down the speed in which the wheel turns, but it is worth remembering to remove the magnet should you get a visit from the electricity board to read the meter as this too is against the law. It is a much better option to make more of an effort to save electricity.

Try turning off your television sets at night when they are not being used and not just leaving them on standby. Lights should be turned off at all times or you could try using energy saving light bulbs, which are more expensive but last longer and use less energy. There are also small plug-in devices in the market which are perfectly legal and help to reduce energy spikes from occurring, thus saving you money in the long run.

Anonymous answered. The 4 wires going into a prepay meter the middle two are neutral the 2 end wires are live take out 1 of the 2 screws out of each and join them using thick wire.

I don't know how to bypass but I have heard if you tape a strong magnet facing that spinning wheel it will slow it down a lot I've never tried it and probably never will I was told this in college by an engineering student 30 years ago. He said you have to know when the meter reader comes around so you can remove the magnet I don't know if this works but it seems safe enough Its dangerous, and illegal.Electric Utility Management Systems will help companies to improve its efficiency and productivity.

NO ELECTRICITY BILLS (step 1) abolish your connection to the electricity grid...

However, the key point of successful system is to have solid definitions of business processes involved. This happen when customer tries to bypass the connection so that the meter is not registering the consumption. No action done on the meter by doing such case. This type of fraud is easily detected and easily resolved.

Labels: meter bypass. Admitted to holding money belonging to customers In a Class Action proceeding initiated in November - The case after numerous delays by Multiut, is now proceeding. Introduction Multiut is trying to time-bar this case by transforming express a written agency-service contract drafted by Multiut into a contract for sale of goods, and by disputing Gore's allegations as to concealment and discovery of the wrong — but without submitting any Rule affidavit or documentation.

A 1, These were entered into contemporaneously with the service contract and thereafter, and titled "Natural Gas Purchasing and Agency Agreement. Although the documents are on separately filed pages, they are mutually inclusive and one could not be entered into without the other; e. See Exh. A, third introductory paragraph and ; Exh.

B 1, 2 Exh.

how to bypass electric meter

Gore has stated he does not have a copy of each, they are inaccessible to him i. Complaint, Count 4 for breach of oral contract was voluntarily dismissed without prejudice after Gore's deposition of May 8,-when the service contract and the agency contract were produced by Multiut and adequately established, Exhs, A-B are the same Exhs.

The contract was drafted by Multiut, it unequivocally defines Multiut's role in the transactions, and shows that this case is not governed by the UCC.

What is at issue here is not the "good" that Multiut obtained for Gore, but the service Multiut provided as his purchasing agent. Multiut not only failed to inform Plaintiff and the Class that the money collected was not so applied or escrowed, but also failed to escrow, account for, and refund the funds with interest. Gore has further alleged that Multiut prevented him from discovering the wrongs by intentionally concealing them until at least Decemberwhen he discovered the truth and could not reasonably have done so earlier.

Gore testified at his deposition on May 8, that he first discovered the discrepancies in his bills, the overcharges, the taxes, and failure to escrow the taxes, in December See Exh, D, pp. They seek imposition of constructive trust id. Gore filed the original Class Action Complaint on Nov.Started by paul. Started by neilep Board Technology.

Science News Features. Interviews Answers to Science Questions. Partially bypassed electricity meter? I know this site isn't going to condone stealing electricity and I'm not intending to either. Me and a few friends had a long debate in the pub over this and we're still unsure of the answer. So hence I'm asking it on here. Surely it would be a simple question of the resistance of both sets of wires as to how much current goes though each?

Presumably the electricity box has a small resistance so most of the current would go past the electricity box though the wires with least resistance? Unless of course the bypass wire was thin that it would heat up and increase in resistance in which case the bypassed current would be limited.

Me and my friends aren't great when it comes to electrical engineering.

how to bypass electric meter

I have the presumption that this circuit would behave in the same way as a DC circuit, or does AC make a difference? The meter undoubtedly has some resistance. However, many all?

How do you bypass an electric meter?

There have been weed farms discovered due to steeling power from the grid. Then you blow a fuse that you can't replace. Also provided you don't connect the wires to yourself - then you might blow a heart that you can't replace. Some people have tried this, only to have their house burn down because the electrical connections had a high resistance, got hot and set the rafters alight.

The fire brigade detects the electrical hack after they turn off the power and extinguish the fire. Fortunately, the electricity companies are on the lookout for things like this using manual procedures and software on their billing systems and often detect such hacking attacks before the house burns down.

Modern electronic meters have detailed data collection that can be used to analyse the precise household consumption for suspicious patterns.

Many years ago I had a job designing electronic power meters, and we looked at a way to detect the meter being bypassed by inducing small currents in the mains supply, but I don't know if such techniques have been deployed in today's mass production electronic meters.

Do not try this! The electricity supply industry operates on very fine margins, and one person stealing electricity can wipe the income from an entire street.