Ictp caribbean school on materials for clean energy

Read More. The CCREEE has an initial list of seven Strategic Programmes to take forward, which are conceived to address barriers to the introduction and development of certain sustainable energy technologies and solutions, policy and regulatory frameworks, capacity, knowledge and data availability, awareness, availability of financing tools and mechanisms, as well as the promotion of innovative ideas and entrepreneurship.

To increase the knowledge base, data exchange and local capabilities to provide goods and services to the local sustainable energy market.

To increase access to reliable, affordable, cleaner and sustainable electricity services and cooking solutions for the population. To reduce the environmental impacts of transport, increase energy eficiency and reduce CO 2 emissions.

What's in it for me? Our Work Overview. Student Circuit Resources for Youth. October 05, October 02, September 29, Webinar series on energy efficient lighting and appliances in Southern and Eastern Africa. September 25, Knowledge Transfer and Management To increase the knowledge base, data exchange and local capabilities to provide goods and services to the local sustainable energy market.

Energy Access To increase access to reliable, affordable, cleaner and sustainable electricity services and cooking solutions for the population. Sustainable Transport To reduce the environmental impacts of transport, increase energy eficiency and reduce CO 2 emissions. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. To learn more about these methods, view our Privacy Policy.See also the LabTalk.

JCP Editor's choice Dianat, N. SerianiM. Bobeth, W. Pompe, L. Weststrate, A. Resta, A. Mikkelsen, J. Schnadt, J. Andersen, E.

ictp caribbean school on materials for clean energy

Lundgren, M. Schmid, N. SerianiJ.

The Liquid Metal Battery: Innovation in stationary electricity storage

Harl, F. Mittendorfer, G. SerianiF. Dianat, J. Zimmermann, N. Mittendorfer, N. SerianiO. Dubay, G. SerianiZ. Jin, W. Gustafson, A. Lundgren, N. Mittendorfer, M. Klikovits, P. Varga, M. Ackermann, J. Frenken, N. Kasper, A. Klikovits, E. Napetschnig, M. Kresse, and P.

Kostelnik, N. SerianiG. Kresse, A. Mikkelsen, E. Lundgren, V.Efficient collection and storage of renewable forms of energy like solar radiation or wind requires the development of advanced functional materials. CMSP research in the field of sustainable energy focuses on this materials-related aspect. Using modern computer simulation techniques, conversion and storage processes are investigated on the atomic scale.

The research topics include nanostructured solar cells, battery materials, and photocatalytic water splitting. Hydrogen gas is an important chemical feedstock for the synthesis of many materials. It can also be used as energy carrier and for energy storage. Thus, the efficient production of oxygen and hydrogen by splitting water molecules is a key process in the quest for sustainable energy sources.

Many properties of this material make it very appealing as anode in photo-electrochemical water splitting reactions, but major aspects of this process remain to be understood.

Scientific Calendar

In dye sensitized solar cells DSSCs light is absorbed by molecules dyeswhich are attached to the surface of wide-bandgap semiconductors. Such information, obtained from calculations based on density-functional theory, can help to better understand the stability of DSSCs and the efficiency of the electron transfer, which is at the heart of the functioning of such solar cells. The desire to employ intermittent renewable energy sources to produce electricity, as well as the spread of electric vehicles, will increase the importance of electricity storage.

Metal-air batteries are particularly interesting for their high energy density, but high overpotentials mean that losses upon charging and discharging are limiting their practicality. Computer simulations using density functional theory are our main tool. Intranet Webmail Media Centre Phonebook. Toggle navigation Menu. MATH Mathematics. AP Applied Physics. Media Centre. Contextual Navigation. Learn how to unify the world through science. Materials for Renewable Energy Applications.Some activities will be conducted online.

What's in it for me? A Discussion on the CARICOM EE Building Code

Please note that some of the activities that have been cancelled this year will, in fact, be postponed until next year. Each year, ICTP organizes more than 60 international conferences, workshops, and numerous seminars and colloquia. Address: via Grignano, 9 I - Trieste Italy. Organizer s : Local Organiser: Abdelkrim Aoudia. Support E-Mail: smr ictp. Secretary: Susanne Henningsen. Cosponsor s : International Atomic Energy Agency iaea3.

Speaker s : Prof. Speaker s : Tarek Anous University of Amsterdam. For Einstein-Maxwell theory, the underlying reason behind this instability is the existence of multi-centered configuration in the moduli space of black hole solutions at fixed total charge. To build up intuition, I will present a model, studied in the statistical mechanics literature, that shares many features with SYK, including exact solvability at large-N and an emergent conformal symmetry that gets weakly broken in the UV.

The novel feature of this model is the appearance of a spin glass phase at O 1 temperatures, which I will try to relate to the fragmentation story. Address: strada Costiera, 11 I - Trieste Italy. Secretary: Susanne Henningsen, Pandora Malchose.

Organizer s : TWAS. Organizer s : Elettra-Sincrotrone. Link for advanced registration will be provided shortly. Registration details will be given shortly. Secretary: Nicoletta Ivanissevich. Secretary: Nadia van Buuren. Organizer s : D. Organizer s : EuroDIG. Intranet Webmail Media Centre Phonebook.Intranet Webmail Media Centre Phonebook. MATH Mathematics.

AP Applied Physics. Search Search in Conferences:. Starts 30 May Cartagena - Colombia. Energy and environmental issues are particularly challenging for the developing countries in general, both politically and economically. The impact of these gaps is mainly seen in the policies regarding global warming, the use of solar, wind, and hydrogen sources of energy, as well as the development of efficient energy storage technologies and capabilities.

Currently, the three major areas of energy-related research are energy conversion, energy saving including efficiency and energy storage, all of which will require significant capacity building within developing countries. Strengthening the scientific and technological knowledge base in these areas represents a realistic approach to reduce the dependence on foreign imported skills and resources.

We believe that the understanding of the fundamental processes that are experimentally observed within materials at different scales can guide a very much needed approach of materials-by-design to improve efficiency and costs in several environment-friendly technologies. The School in Cartagena Colombia will provide an initial overview of recent experimental and theoretical developments and an in-depth treatment of some advanced computational methodologies that are used to address the problem of materials for energy and environmental applications.

A multiscale view of the materials modeling, with electronic structure methods at its base, is of paramount importance to guide and understand experimental results.

Such a view is becoming the dominant framework of investigation in condensed matter physics, materials science, biology, and nanoscience. This is a rapidly evolving field, which also offers people in developing countries the opportunity to carry out cutting-edge theoretical research with relatively low financial investments in equipment. Our ultimate goal is to bring young scientists from those countries up to speed by providing them with the most recent knowledge about experimental developments as well as fundamental concepts coming from electronic structure research.

ictp caribbean school on materials for clean energy

This activity offers also networking opportunities for participants to facilitate carrying out state of the art theoretical research on clean-energy materials, back in their home institutions.But since that wasn't the case, I think its safe to say the Eagles will bounce back this week at the Coliseum, which will likely be filled with more fans wearing midnight green than blue and gold.

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ictp caribbean school on materials for clean energy

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ictp caribbean school on materials for clean energy

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