Revit conduit fittings family

Just focus on nominating the pipe size and fall, and getting the pipes in the right place. Show 3D modeled pipes, 2D lines, or both - at any time The 3D pipes and 2D line representation are built into the one family. The unique placement disks in the families make it easy to position the pipe segments end-to-end and make "connected" layouts.

Connected layouts adjust accordingly when the pipe fall changes. Tag your drawings with the pipe type, diameter, fall and invert levels. Complete your site drainage layouts with these additional components.

Configure views to best work with the RevitWorks Pipe families. Building a piping layout. A Revit project file containing:. If you have previously purchased any of our products you will be able to upgrade that product to the latest version at a fraction of the full purchase price.

An upgrade is only required when we release new components and features. Username Email Password. Video Tutorials. Easy-to-use generic 3D Pipe components for Revit and Revit LT Just focus on nominating the pipe size and fall, and getting the pipes in the right place. Create "Connected" Layouts The unique placement disks in the families make it easy to position the pipe segments end-to-end and make "connected" layouts. Site Drainage Components Included Complete your site drainage layouts with these additional components.

More Features. Show and tag lateral pipe schematic lines as Center Lines or Invert Specify the fall as a ratio e. Also reports the fall in degrees Risers includes transition forms and bird proof caps Common pipe sizes are built in DN32 - DN Easily specify your own.

Revit Piping for Architecture Video Tutorials. Piping for Architecture. Included products.

Pipes/Pipe Fittings

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Accept Reject. Log in. Forget your password?Many MEP equipment families have multiple types of connectors. Your work environment may determine the connectors that you add to equipment families.

For example, if your projects contain all MEP systems in one model, you may want to have electrical connectors in your HVAC equipment families that require electricity. If you have a separate model for each discipline, there is no need to have an electrical connector on any of the mechanical equipment families because the connection cannot be made through a linked file.

Naming connectors in a family makes it easier to understand which one you are connecting to when working in a project. When you use the Connect Into tool in a project on a family with multiple connectors, the connectors will appear in a list with their names so you can choose the correct one.

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Connecting Conduits to Transformers in Revit

It is possible to link connectors in a family. This is useful when you want the system behavior to pass through from one connector to the other—for example, when you have a pipe fitting. Linking the connectors propagates system information through the fitting, so fluid flow in is related to fluid flow out of the fitting.

You can link connectors by selecting one of the connectors and clicking the Link Connectors button on the Connector Links panel, as shown here. Linked connectors will take on the Flow Configuration value of the primary connector. So even if you have a connector in the family that has a Flow Configuration set to Preset, if it is linked to a primary connector set to Calculated, the behavior of the connector in a project will be as if the connector is set to Calculated.

revit conduit fittings family

You can tell whether connectors are linked in a family by selecting one of the connectors in the Family Editor. Red arrows will appear between linked connectors, as shown here. The primary connector in a family is the first connector of each type added to the family and is indicated by crosshairs an X in the connector graphics.

The image below shows an equipment family with multiple types of connectors. You can change which connectors are the primary ones by clicking the Re-assign Primary button that appears on the Primary Connector panel of the contextual tab when you select a connector.

Clicking the button allows you to select another connector, which will become the primary for that type. Related Concepts About Connectors in Families.I recorded a video on how to create the FWG a long time ago, but after a bit of back and forth discussion on Youtube, I have decided to pull that old video out and record some voice annotation so you can follow along.

Originally lookup tables were only available to pipe and conduit fittings, but we can use them in any family category. We can build fully flexible families that a controlled with lookup tables, we just need to use a bit of common sense when deciding if a lookup table is best suited or not. Valves would be suited quite well to utilising lookup tables, whereas a VAV box would be more suited to using formulas and other parameters. You can use dimensions, angles and integers to both look up and be looked up, the trick to working with integers is that your column header format should follow.

Using integers can be valuable within lookup tables to control the dimensions of specified manufacturer equipment. To achieve this, we need to take the manufacturer sizes and populate them into a lookup table. Working this way locks down the sizes so that the end user is unable to manipulate them. Rainwater tanks are a perfect use of lookup tables, you could have a family file that contains data for one manufacturer, then the lookup table drives the dimensions based on the volume.

We use the volume value because this will drive all other dimensions of the tank. This is our basic lookup table to get started with.

You can see that based on our basic lookup table and our lookup formulas, the correct data is being input into the family. Once the lookup table is populated with the tank dimensions across the product catalogue, all a user needs to do is change the tank volume to a value that corresponds with one in the lookup table and all the dimensions will automatically update. The secret behind bringing text in from the lookup table is to leave the lookup column in the formula blank.

In our rainwater tank example, that would read as follows. The example water tank is great when you want to completely lock down a family, but what if you want the option to allow input form the user?

Cable Tray and Conduit

We can allow for this by adding a few additional parameters to the family. When checked, this parameter will override the lookup table. We then need to add parameters within the family for every parameter that is controlled by the lookup table.

We now need to change the formulas for each parameter being controlled by the lookup table so that the lookup formula is nested within an if statement. Now that we know everything there is to know about lookup tables, modifying existing lookup tables should be quite easy. Open the. The out of the box OOTB lookup table is in inches, it is up to you if you convert the current dimensions to millimetres or not, but we will need to change the column headers from inches to millimetres USA spelling.

Something to take note of is that the L1 dimension from the pipe fitting takes into account the total length of the fitting from the centre of the fitting to the end of the fitting including the socket. There are 3 different 40 dia elbows in the Iplex catalogue. Fill out the corresponding data to the lookup table from the Iplex catalogue, once done, save the csv file and load it back into the family and test the flexing of your new 40 dia fitting.

Lookup tables for pipe and conduit fittings provide an invaluable enhancement to the MEP workflow that we take for granted. On every project we work on, lookup tables save us countless hours in the modelling process. Without them, modelling a pipe system would require each individual pipe fitting to be sized as you go.What is BIM? BIM is an intelligence based 3D modeling software system used for planning, designing, construction, and management of infrastructures, buildings and sites.

What makes BIM different from other 3D modeling software is the intelligence factor. BIM objects are populated with information such as manufacturer, part numbers, UPC codes, size, type and color. Besides the availability of information, clash detection and reduction in cost are some other benefits of BIM. BIM has become a popular tool in the construction industry. A report on www. We value your privacy. You can learn about how we handle information we collect by viewing our Privacy Policy.

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This site uses cookies to ensure you the best experience on our website. By continuing to navigate through this site or by clicking Accept, you consent to the use of cookies as described in Atkore's privacy policy.Fittings can also be added after drawing a segment or run.

pipe fitting

Select cable tray, conduit, or fittings when you want to make a modification. Add cable tray and conduit to your design with or without fittings.

Use the following procedure to manually add cable tray fittings to an existing segment or run.

revit conduit fittings family

About Cable Tray Sizes Revit comes with a set of predefined cable tray sizes. Add a Cable Tray Size You can add a cable tray size to the list of standard cable tray sizes that come with Revit. Change an Elbow to a Tee for Conduit Change a Tee to a Cross for Conduit To upgrade a tee to a cross, you must first add conduit to one side of the tee.

revit conduit fittings family

Draw Parallel Conduits You can add parallel conduits to an existing conduit run that is connected through a surface connector on a piece of equipment or connected to a cable tray. Connect Conduit to Equipment You can connect conduit to electrical and mechanical equipment that has a connector available. About Conduit Standards and Sizes Revit comes with a set of conduit standards and associated sizes. Parent topic: Working with Electrical Components.I need to create tables of piping and fittings which are common in Fire Protection design.

I am frustrated with the lack of fittings commonly used in this trade and my inability to generate new ones with the software. Is there a way to create threaded fittings with proper take outs? How about grooved fittings which automatically attatch to schedule 10 pipe? The mechanical equipment library is extensive and varied.

Sprinkler trade seems to be stuck with the stuff plumbers and HVAC designers use, but nothing from the code. I can make it work, but AI need the tools. Revit MEP. The key though, is to make sure that the correct fittings that you want to use are loaded into your project.

Once you set your Duct and Pipe Types, save those into your project template so that you can reuse those types and fittings for future projects. This will save you time and allow you to do more designing and less setting up. To set up your pipe types, select a type in the project browser down at the bottom under families, and right-click and duplicate it and rename it with your new name.

Then right-click and change the properties. Each type can be unique and have different fittings.

revit conduit fittings family

You shouldn't have to manually place fittings very often. If you go into the Mechanical Settings under Settings Pull Down menu, you can also create your own piping materials and assign Roughness and set the connection type and assign sizes for your own custom pipe.

You can then assign other pipe properties in your pipe types to these custom pipe materials and settings. Labels: FittingsTips. Huck January 19, Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Steve, United Kingdom The Capitals of Scandinavia, August 2015 We booked a combination trip to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo with Nordic Visitor and we had a wonderful holiday.

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Add Conduit Fittings

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