Steps of torment map location

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Grim Dawn Store Page. Global Achievements. Ghihom View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments. There are 2 guys near the entrance, a necromancer and a ghost. They give a quest to enter the steps of torment and kill few bosses Probably u need to activate this quest to break the seal, I guess.

They are near the old arkovia camp Look on the map, they are marked as 2 blue points. I guess u have to be near the zone for them to appear on map, but still map range to spot them is higher than visual range. Iks View Profile View Posts. For breaking the seal you need something from B17, or B19 hard to found ,though. Check official forum for more information. I saw the doors to, closed. You have to complete a quest before gaining access to the final 2 levels of Steps of Torment. Also know that the door opens for only so long so don't take too much time outside or you will be locked out.

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 10 Jun, pm. Posts: 6.Shrines to the gods are scattered all across the devastated land of Cairn, but they've been desecrated and ruined by the Chthonian cults and hordes of animated dead.

If you take the time to reconsecrate them, the gods will smile upon you and offer new points to use along the constellation devotion tree. These shrines are typically restored in one of two ways: either by sacrificing rare items like aether stones, or by summoning a wave of enemies that must be defeated.

Now where to put all those extra devotion points? Some of these shrines are not available in the Elite or Ultimate difficulty settings, making those settings harder to defeat as you will have fewer devotion points to spend.

This first shrine should be easy to spot, as its in an area with the first quest boss, Kyzogg The Reanimator. After killing Kyzogg in the Burial Hill, head up the bottom, center path on the map to find the shrine at a dead end. Repair the shrine with an aether crystal in Elite mode, you need 3 aether crystals instead. Shrine 1. After defeating Viloth The Corrupter found by going underneath Devil's Crossing to the Aquifer this shrine is found on the far east side of the map and is repaired using an aether crystal.

Shrine 2. In the Foggy Bank area while traveling north from Devil's Crossing to Burrwitchyou will come across a cavern with two entrances.

The shrine is near the northern entrance, and reconsecrating it requires defeating an easy wave of slith enemies. Shrine 3.

steps of torment map location

Near the bridge that leads to Wightmire proper is an underground passage. The shrine is located at the north end by the exit and is reconsecrated by defeating a wave of aetherials. Shrine 4. After leaving the Flooded Passage and reaching Burrwitch Outskirts, this shrine is found inside the Burial Cave that has two entrances. To repair this shrine you need to spend two aether crystals.

Shrine 5. This is one of the few shrines not located in a separate area and is, instead, out in the open in the Burrwitch Estates area. The shrine is found in the northwest corner near the western-most point of interest on the map and is reconsecrated by killing a wave of aetherials.

Shrine 6. While traveling through Burrwitch Estates you will eventually enter the Warden's Cellar, which leads further into the Underground Transit area. This area's shrine is found just to the north of a breakable wall and is repaired with an aether crystal. In Elite mode you will instead need an aether shard and purified saltwhile in Ultimate you instead need an aether shard and the calamity relic.

Shrine 7. While this shrine is technically located in Act 1, you may not be able to access it until later, since you need dynamite and loads of iron coins to gain access to Craig's Crags through East Marsh. Once there, this shrine is on the far eastern end and is repaired with a chipped claw. In Elite mode, it is instead repaired with tainted brain matter and a vitriolic gallstonewhile Ultimate mode requires tainted brain matter and the mistborn talisman relic.

Shrine 8. This area has two separate entrances that are accessed on the west side of the Arkovian Foothills. Once inside, the shrine is found in between the two entrances on the northern passage.

steps of torment map location

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steps of torment map location

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Necropolis Entrance Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera

Friends list is currently empty. Connect with friends. Play, chat, and share experiences with your friends on GOG. Online Offline.Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide by gamepressure. Ioxu's Shanty Inkpot Bloom cultist is standing in front of the shanty and you can receive the "Anathema" side quest from him.

There's a pool nearby. You can drink water to earn XP and to get the Bloom Juiced fettle drinking again will kill the main character. Ioxu is inside the shanty.

Meet with him as a part of the "Anathema" side quest. You can also trade with him - he's selling usable items, cyphers, ranged weapons, cloaks and bonded items.

Shrine of Chila You can talk to Walks-without-fear in front of the entrance. She's also offering rest - it costs 45 shins per person.

You can talk to Sundermun the Elder about a job for Coty "Freedman" quest. Sundermun the Elder is selling armors, melee weapons, cyphers, usable items and bonded items. Merchants You can find out from Grisseler and other merchants that the trading post was swallowed by the Bloom "Dracogen's Price" main quest and that you will have to find a different route. Later in the game while visiting the Trade Post you can unlock a new passageway here.

Group of armored people You can unlock the "Marooned on an Alien Shore" side quest by talking to Arechi. Cyst You can examine it and touch it. Take part in the vision and don't try to escape it. Repeat this action after the first vision is over. Eventually the cyst will erupt and an Abykos will escape from it you'll also receice some XP. It can only become available later - after you advance in the "Dracogen's Price" main quest and unlock the passageway during your stay in the Trade Post.

It becomes available later - you must open the Maw as a part of the "Into the Depths" main quest. The above map shows the Vast Interior - one of several locations that constitute the Bloom, which is a gigantic, living organism. During your stay in the Vast Interior you can meet people that will let you rest, buy new equipment or unlock new quests.

In the Vast Interior you can also access as many as six different locations of the Bloom. Attention - Ioxu's Shanty and Shrine of Chila are tiny locations and they don't have separate pages devoted to them in our guide.

They were only described on the map below. To organize some rest, you have to get to the Shrine of Chilawhich is located in the western part of the Interior M Talk to the Observant Speck.

She will demand 45 shins per head a full party will have to pay shins. Ioxu's Shanty. Before the entrance you can find Inkpot Bloom cultistwho can offer you a side quest, Anathema. Beside him is a water reservoir. You can drink from it to get XP and obtain the Bloom Juiced fettle. Drinking again will get you to the Labyrinth. Inside, you will find Ioxu. You have to meet him to get the Anathema quest done. If - according to the wishes of the Bloom cultists - you want to assassinate Ioxu, mind the construct controlled by him, and consider sabotaging the device in the center of the Shanty.

You can also trade with Ioxu. He sells usable items, cyphers, ranged weapons, cloaks and bonded items. Shrine of Chilia.Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide by gamepressure. Talking to Dracogen begins a new main quest - "Dracogen's Price". Qianne You can receive "Twice the Trouble" side quest from her.

Qianne offers a chance to rest and it costs 65 shins per person. You can lie and rest for the first time for free.

Slave Auction Parsim Flint offers slaves for sale. You can buy Coty from him shins or if you'll pass the negotiations. You can ask Coty to steal something for you or you can complete the "Freedman" side quest to find him a job. Memovira's Fortress It's closed. Brusca can give you the "Rumblings of Discontent" side quest.

You can talk to Brusca about a job for Coty "Freedman" quest. Skaydi She's selling various items - usable items, melee weapons, ranged weapons, shields, cyphers and bonded items. There's a pool nearby. You can drink water to get the Bloom Juiced fettle drinking again will kill the main characterpour some of the water into the bottle or use Might and dive in.

You'll fish out the Warding Worm cypher. Challenge arena You can talk to Waits-for-prey and exhaust all conversation topics to earn XP. You can attack him and engage in a difficult duel with him. Decanted This being appears here later on. You can talk to it and unlock the "Preservation of Beauty" side quest. You can't enter it at first.

The Grip of Torment (Extinction)

You will have a longer visit there while completing the "Into the Depths" main quest.The world of Cairn tells a tale of human strife and conflict against seemingly unstoppable foes.

While the general layout of the world is static, various elements within are randomized with each session. On subsequent sessions, you may discover that a path you had taken is now blocked off by a burning wagon or a cave you had visited is no longer there. Quest objectives may spawn in multiple locations and monster packs can completely change, or not spawn at all. Grim Dawn strikes a fine balance between hand-crafted level design and randomization. With humanity nearly wiped out, many places have fallen into disrepair from lack of maintenance and human activity.

Areas that were once thriving human settlements are now overrun with beasts. Roads are littered with the remains of raided caravans, tipped-over wagons blocking key routes.

Bridges once connecting entire regions of Cairn have collapsed. However, not all of these obstacles are insurmountable. Using materials you collect on your journey, you can clear the way to inaccessible places. Repair bridges with scrap metal and iron bits, opening up shortcuts or access to new regions. Destroy avalanches or collapsed tunnels using dynamite, revealing secrets thought forgotten. But beware: not all things sealed away behind stone and rubble are meant to be unleashed.

Challenge dungeons are areas of Grim Dawn specially tuned to provide you with increased difficulty. Challenge dungeons are fraught with danger and require ample preparation, but they also come with great reward.

At the pinnacle of challenge dungeons are what we call rogue-like dungeons. Rogue-likes are characterized by random layouts and permanent death that made the experience intense and final victory all the more satisfying. Unless you have started a hardcore character, you will not die permanently in Grim Dawn but we have tried to capture the thrill of rogue-likes in these special challenge dungeons he first such dungeon, known as the Steps of Tormentcan be accessed in the wilderness of Act II.

It is one of the most challenging dungeons in the game, featuring some of the strongest enemies and biggest rewards. The last two floors of this sprawling five-floor underground encompass the rogue-like dungeon. The entry to these floors is barred by a set of ancient doors which cannot be opened by any traditional means. Thankfully, there are those who know the secrets of the Gates of Anguish, and perhaps they will divulge this ancient knowledge with the right motivation.

The Skeleton Key is the only means by which the Gates of Anguish will re-open. But beware: the key is destroyed upon use and the doors will seal promptly behind you.

The Steps of Torment will gladly devour the lives of the ill-prepared. Rogue-like dungeons will test your skills and prove your worth. Death will come swiftly to the unwary traveler. Devious traps and powerful enemies line the halls.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

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Grim Dawn Store Page. Global Achievements. Where do I find the quest giver that gives you the skeleton key? I done the previous quest for the 3 bosses in the Arkovian Undercity but can't find the follow up q for steps of torment anywhere?

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Go to Broken hills. Originally posted by RudiXXX :. I found the steps of torment but I then found out when I entered I need a skeleton key which apparently is given by a quest giver and I was asking where the quest giver is. Halcyon View Profile View Posts. First you do the 3 bosses quest, this causes the spirit Kalderos to appear at the surface entrance to the Steps of Torment where he gives you the quest Descent into Torment.

Proceed through the steps of Torment until you defeat High Priest Zarthuzelan. Kalderos will appear in the boss room, next to the doors of Torment, and will give you the skeleton key and the blueprint to make more. All of this information is on the wiki page that RudiXXX linked you to, btw.

If for some reason your game has bugged and the NPC is not outside the cave you can also buy the blueprint from a hidden vendor not too far from Blood Grove telepoint.

It is accessible through a small sewer pipe in a shallow canal leading to the 3 npcs. NPC name is Benevald I think if you need to google a map reference.

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